Meanwhile in NYC: Fight Breaks Out at Giants Training Camp, Football Player Didn’t Expect to Get Tackled By Anyone From New York (Video)

Football is full of surprises. Like when O.J. Simpson became the first player to rush over 2,000 yards in a single season and then went on to become one of the least-successful criminals this side of the Mississippi.

Continuing the trend, the New York Giant’s training camp has also been full of surprises after a fight broke out that left the entire team in an angry dogpile with quarterback Daniel Jones at the bottom. But that’s what happens when a top-ranked defense gets tired of dragging the deadweight of a bottom-ranked offense behind them.

The scrum started after running back Corey Clement got steamrolled in the secondary after a nice cutback. It was the perfect setup for a clash between sides, with tight ends shoving defensemen until all 22 scrimmage players were mowing the grass with each other’s faces.

Check out the exclusive footage below:

All clowning aside, Coach Joe Judge was none too pleased by his team’s breakdown in on-field etiquette. The former Assistant Coach for the New England Patriots was caught speechless for several minutes after the free-for-all, as in, he couldn’t think of a single word that he’d say in front of his mother.

But in another surprising twist, insiders say the brawl has actually helped the team bond and will pay off in a united front come gameday. The result is inspiring other teams to test out the unusual training method in their own camps.

Let’s just say the bookies are bearish on Joe Judge’s team, so whatever he can do to bring his 6-1o squad up to snuff, we say go for it. Who knew football could be so violent?

Cover Photo: Icon Sports Wire (Getty Images)

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