Mandatory Rewind: Remember This Day Last Year When #JusticeForJohnny Advocate Played ‘Pirates’ Theme Song As Amber Heard Left Court Against Johnny Depp?

Photo: Karwai Tang (Getty Images) 

Recently, we wrote about the first anniversary of one of the strangest, most shocking, hilarious, disgusting moments in human history. It’s been one year since a woman was caught on camera (and uploaded to the internet for all to see) taking off her mask to scoop dog poop only to look around, realize that nobody was looking (except for the sneaky cameraman), and put the mask back on. These are the types of moments we want to remember. This is why today we’re going to give the same type of treatment to the innovator who decided to blast pirate-themed music at Amber Heard last year.

If you don’t know the story, the formerly married Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been embroiled in divisive civil suits in the last few years where both have alleged abuse. Things got stranger still with Depp even suing the ACLU to make them prove Heard actually donated to them after their divorce like she said she did and the odd story of a poop found in a bed (look it up). After various recordings and other media were released, much of the public support has gone to the actor most known the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.


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Last year, on July 28, as Amber Heard was leaving a London courthouse, someone in the #JusticeForJohnny camp decided to add insult to injury by blasting music from Pirates of the Caribbean. Don’t believe us? Check out the video. It really happened. We still don’t know for sure who is right, but we know this was pretty funny.