This Dog Trying to Shove All the Frisbees in His Mouth Is Clearly Us This Summer


Dogs are adorable. They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason. They’re lovable, always there for us, and will always surprise us with their fun, goofy behavior. Even if you don’t have a dog, but you want to revel in their hilarious antics, there are myriad TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to follow. One of the best is WeRateDogs. As the name states, it’s literally a Twitter account where people send in pictures and videos of their playful pooches and the account writes a little blurb about them and then promptly rates them.

Recently, this account reached a new pinnacle of cuteness when it posted a clip of a golden retriever with an affinity for frisbees. The video is titled “This is Winston. And these are his frisbees. He likes to organize them after playtime. Sometimes it takes a while. 14/10.”

While the clip only lasts for a minute, we are treated to Winston as he attempts to collect all of his frisbees at once. If you don’t have time to watch the clip, he promptly picks up what appears to be five frisbees at one time. If that was all the frisbees the pup owned, things would have worked out fine. Sadly, Winston’s yard has another three or four frisbees and that’s when disaster strikes.

In an attempt to pick them all up, he drops the others he was holding in his mouth. Begrudging hilarity ensues. His refusal to give up on this difficult task should be a reminder to us all that if we want to do something, we should keep trying until we do. Even if we simply want to carry eight frisbees in our mouth at the same time.