Xbox Announces New Mini-Fridge, Perfect For Gamers Who Were Quarantining For Life Long Before Trendy (No, This Is Not a Joke)

Christmas may seem like forever and a day away, but video game makers are already teasing their primo products for the holiday season. The latest innovation from Xbox doesn’t have anything to do with blowing up bad guys or getting to the next level on a game. Nope. Instead, the Xbox product making headlines is…a mini-fridge.

At the close of its E3 2021 showcase over the weekend, Microsoft announced its new Xbox Series X mini-fridge. Like its consoles, the fridge is black and features a small, glowing Xbox logo on the top left corner of the door. The interior walls are an eerie green and the whole thing is powered by “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture,” which is just a fancy way of saying it keeps stuff cold (as one would assume a fridge would do).

The fridge was the result of a #BestOfTweets brand bracket challenge that took place on Twitter in April. Xbox marketing guru Aaron Greenberg promised that if Microsoft beat out its competitor, Skittles, the company would create a fridge just for gamers.

“Thanks to everyone who voted, this was down to the wire and thrilling to follow,” Greenberg said in a tweet. “Now that @Xbox won, we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Fridges.”

Now, they’re delivering on that promise.

Is “Xbox and chill” the wave of the future as Microsoft says it is? That remains to be seen. By the time it finally comes out, we may very well be sick of sitting at home eating everything and everything out of fridge with our eyes glued to a screen. Quarantine is so 2020.

Cover Photo: Xbox



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