Xbox Players Are Gaming Gods Compared to Those on PS4, Study Shows

Photo: Kobie’ Johnson (Getty Images)

Depending on which side of the console fence you land, you might be better at video games than some of your friends. In fact, based on a recent study, Xbox gamers are apparently the dominant side in the never-ending war against PS4 and PC combatants.

This very important research was conducted by LG, the tech company popular for smartphones and TVs, and Activision, the video game publisher. Their analysis revealed gamers who play on Xbox are superior to those on other gaming devices using something called the “Elite Reaction” test.

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Here’s how it works: the study had players test their reaction times by clicking targets and measuring their speed and accuracy. What resulted was participants who identified as Xbox players hitting 78 percent of their targets, compared to 74 percent for PS4 players. The biggest losers were the PC gamers because they only hit 70 percent of their targets. If you’re wondering where you’d in terms of accuracy, you can click the image above and give it a go.

While the sample size was good, with participants numbering in the thousands, the study itself has some holes. For example, the test to our knowledge can only be done through a laptop or desktop computer, and not the actual consoles on which you game. This means you’re using a mouse to determine the reaction time, and that’s not the same as your Xbox or PS4 controller. We tried the test ourselves and found that we suck as bad as PC gamers when it comes to accuracy.

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We really don’t care which platform you use, if we’re being honest. We enjoy Xbox as much as we do PS4 and PC games, so whatever platform you’re on it’s all good with us because you’re reading this here, making you part of the Mandatory Nation. Keep gaming!


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