This Epic Gaming Bundle Featuring a Year of PlayStation Plus, a Highly-Rated VPN, and 160+ Hours Of Game Dev Training Is 98% Off

Turn extra time at home into an advantage and allow your imagination to run wild with this Game Developer and Player Bundle featuring PlayStation Plus while it’s being offered at a ridiculously discounted price.

The bundle includes lifetime memberships to the School of Game Design and VPN unlimited, along with lifetime access to a Survival Guide for learning how to code in C# and Ultimate Guides for game development, mobile game development, and cinematography. Toss in a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus, and you’ve got a new world of possibilities at your fingertips for a hundred bucks, marked down its actual retail value of $7,049.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well this is indeed reality, and yours will change when you gain access to this collection of must-have resources for experienced or new-to-the-game developers and players.

Expand your reach and create your own worlds by getting started with the School of Game Design, offering courses from expert instructors for developers of all skill levels and valued at $5,990. From the need-to-know basics to the latest in cutting-edge industry advancement, you’ll never fall behind the competition. You could become a rising force by taking advantage of lifetime access to updated step-by-step training videos, virtual support from instructors, and royalty-free game art. Whether your main motivation is computer modeling, coding, or animation improvement, the School of Game Design presents a path toward achieving those goals.

Continue to sharpen your ever-growing skills with the Ultimate Guide to Game Development ($200 value) and create power-up devices and deploy your game to over 20 web or mobile platforms. With the Ultimate Guide to Cinematography ($200 value), discover the latest environment lighting techniques and create gorgeous cutscenes. And with the Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development ($200 value), create a complete game from scratch and learn how to monetize your mobile endeavor. Each of these guides comes with more than 110 lectures and collectively offer far-ranging content that is accessible anytime.

While discovering everything those products have to offer, the Unity C# Survival Guide ($200 value) will keep you on track in the fast-moving world of coding. With more than 150 lectures, this course is the jumpstart you’ve been searching and each lesson will bring you one step closer toward understanding how best to attack interactive challenges with problem-solving techniques. By the completion of these courses, you’ll be well prepared to excel in the job you’ve always wanted and you’ll have the tools necessary for long-term success.

This bundle also comes with the top-rated VPN Unlimited plan that will keep you running smoothly and securely without speed or bandwidth limits. Whether you’re working on a public or private connection, a lifetime subscription protects your data, provides access to more than 500-plus VPN servers, and is valued at $150.

Then put a cherry on top of this package with a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus ($60 value).  Connect with a global online community of gamers, compete in PS classics, and review an amazing monthly collection of free games in a library that is constantly expanding. Your PlayStation Plus account also includes exclusive discounts and cloud storage. With the PlayStation 5 incoming, it’s a perfect time to join!

Add everything up and this is the ultimate bundle for gamers and developers of all levels. Discover your gaming potential in 2020 and make a major leap for an incredible 98 percent off the Game Developer and Player Bundle Ft. PlayStation Plus.

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