Black Widow

Unpopular Opinions: Marvel Waited Too Long With ‘Black Widow,’ Not Sure We Care Anymore (And Other Films That Might As Well Stay Shelved)

Audiences hate waiting for blockbusters like Black Widow. There are many reasons for this but first and foremost is the deprecating degeneration of time. Also, the internet. That which is simultaneously noble in reason, infinite in faculty, and barbaric in its ignorance; filtering out the weak like coffee grounds. Entertainment being only a click away has redefined what it means to be patient. The pandemic—delaying anything and everything not available online—has refined it even more. 

With movie theaters closed in 2020, studios kept shelving films until ultimately deciding to send them straight to streaming and/or on-demand. Even with the age of quarantine and wandering around yelling at our walls being over, the impact of these delays is being felt. Warner Bros. is releasing their films simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters, with many competitors following suit. Marvel and other studios have held out; repeatedly pushing their theatrical release dates. Problem is, after all this time, do we still care about films we were ready to see over a year ago? Sequels, prequels, spinoffs, and even indies that were made a lifetime ago? We could argue they’ve lost their relevance but the truth is we’re just tired of waiting. Here a handful of major films we’re not sure we care about anymore

Cover Photo: Marvel Studios

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