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Vin Diesel Teams Up With Kygo to Release His First Single, Cherry on Top of This Turd Sundae of a Year

“What we need right now is a debut pop song from Vin Diesel,” said no one ever. But this is 2020, when anything can happen whether we want it to or not, and the actor best known for the Fast & Furious franchise is now a recording artist.

“On a year where I would normally be on a movie set…I’ve had another creative outlet, another way to share with you my heart,” Diesel said on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week. After some heavy ass-kissing of the American Idol alum, he teased his new track “Feel Like I Do.”

Diesel didn’t venture into this uncharted territory alone, though. He teamed up with Norwegian music producer Kygo.

While the tune is definitely club-ready, the vocals are so produced you can’t even tell it’s Diesel singing (which might be a good thing, come to think of it). The lyrics are boilerplate “I have a crush on you” style stuff: “All of the times you tried to find / Someone that hit me like you / And I’m not the type who likes to rush in / But I want to.” It’s listenable, but barely.

“For so long, I have been promising to release music… encouraged by you, to step out of my comfort zone,” Diesel said on Instagram. “Thank you for believing in me. As always, I hope to make you proud.”

We wouldn’t go that far, but we have to give it to him for putting himself out there…and we hope he got it out of his system.

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