Netflix Drops Jeffrey Epstein ‘Filthy Rich’ Docuseries Trailer, Definitely to End With Cliffhanger (Without the Cliff)

Quarantine is beginning to grate on us. We’ve eaten all the junk food, drunk all the beer, and binge-watched all the Tiger King. Thankfully, Netflix isn’t abandoning us to die from boredom. Instead, the streaming giant is ensuring we have yet another way to kill time – with a new docuseries on Jeffrey Epstein.

A trailer for Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich dropped this week, and it’s exactly the kind of salacious programming we need right now. Based on the bestselling 2016 book, Filthy Rich: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein by James Patterson, the four-episode documentary follows the downfall of the millionaire/sex offender/weirdo whose death in jail last August became fodder for America’s most fervent conspiracy theorists.

The series features interviews with Epstein survivors and explores activity on “Pedophile Island,” the child sex-trafficker’s private Caribbean retreat where he allegedly held a slew of underage girls hostage and hosted the wealthy and powerful men who took advantage of them.

While we know how this story ends – to an extent – Netflix is sure to leave viewers on a cliffhanger, hold the cliff.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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