Detail of a mans hand scrolling through Netflix on an Apple iPad Pro, taken on March 6, 2020. (Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Neflix Tests Shuffle Feature Because Who Wants to Sort Through All That Crap

Netflix is great – if you know what you want to watch. If you land on the streaming platform without a plan, however, it can be one of the greatest time sucks known to man. How often have you spent longer looking for a TV show or movie than it would have taken to just watch some random entire series or film?

Well, those days may be gone (a viewer can hope) with a new feature that Netflix has been quietly testing. It’s a shuffle button, and will play a random TV episode or film, though how the streaming giant decides what appears on your screen is still unclear. Is it an algorithm based on your viewing history? Or just the most popular option at the time?

However it works, those who’ve been treated to the feature seem to like it.

At the very least, this new feature could potentially spare you a lot of wasted hours sifting through all the crappy content inherent in the streaming model, especially if there’s one show you’re obsessed with (like The Office) and just want to rewatch an episode, any episode. It could also save you a lot of arguments with your viewing partner; like the old-fashioned tradition of flipping a coin, you could just let the shuffle button decide what your evening’s entertainment will be. No heated disagreements necessary.

Cover Photo: Future Publishing / Contributor (Getty Images)

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