Sarabeth’s Restaurant Offers Comforting New York Dining

While gourmet, edgy and nouveau cuisines abound amongst New York restaurants, it’s good to know there are also joints where delicious, reliable, yet ambitious comfort is still waiting for you. There’s nothing wrong with deconstructed, micro-biotic dishes covered in foam and such, but there are times when a wholesome, simple, well-prepared breakfast or lunch is the best ticket.

If you’re in such a mood, you’ll find solace at Sarabeth’s Restaurant locations at some of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan. On a higher plane than a mere diner with its elite baking items and drink selections, its menu is built on a frame of well-made classic dishes — offering something for everyone.

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The daily menu at any Sarabeth’s location changes through the day from Brunch, Breakfast and Lunch, Late Lunch (when the breakfast items fade away) and Dinner. Desserts, wines and cocktails stick around all day long.

For breakfast and brunch, all of the classics are on the scene from Eggs Benedict, French Toast and Pancakes to a selection of omelettes. Do yourself a favor and try the Braised Short Ribs Hash for a unique treat.

Once late lunch and dinner hours arrive, the menu shifts up to unique takes on favorite comfort food. The Short Rib Meatloaf is slick swing at a classic. The Grilled Duroc Pork Chop offers a clean, natural taste. And, the One Great Burger is precisely that.

Prospective diners should keep in mind that this is not intended as a nose in the air gourmet experience. The ingredients are top shelf. The food is well-prepared, and the service is friendly. However, the mood is much more accessible than New York’s endless array of high end restaurants — and nowhere near as expensive.

Sarabeth’s is the sort of joint you head to if you’re looking for a reliably good meal in a casual atmosphere that encourages conversation, sharing and comfort.