Here’s An Alabama Man Accused Of Sexually Molesting A Horse

Photo: bizoo_n (Getty)

If you’re friends with Daniel Bennett of Irvington, Alabama, do the guy a solid and buy him an Xbox.

According to Fox News, the 18-year-old man has allegedly been spending his free time “repeatedly sexually molesting a horse” at a nearby farm, and naturally, the horse’s owners are sick and fucking tired of it.

The last time around, Francine Janes and her husband, who was armed with a gun, found Bennett hiding in a barn stall, and when they asked him what the hell he was doing there, he allegedly said he “likes horses” and wanted to “pet the horse.”

Well, maybe the definition of “pet” in Alabama is different than the one I learned because Bennett was found in a trench coat with a “burglar’s tool” inside. And while that’s seems rather odd, it’s nowhere close to other things Janes and her husband have found after Bennett allegedly went to town on one of their horses named Polly “multiple” times in December alone.

“I would say seven maybe 10 times,” Janes said. “Toilet paper had been left. The hay stacks had been removed. Items had been turned over. And that’s as far as I want to go.”

It’s unknown exactly what Bennett did to Polly, but his arrest warrant lists his crime of bestiality as a misdemeanor and claims he “engaged in or submitted to any sexual contact with an animal, to-wit: a horse,” so you know it was pretty fucking gross.

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