Indian Man Busted Having ‘Unnatural Sex’ With Three Cows

Photo: vwalakte (Getty)

I mean, is there any other kind?

According to Metro, a sick fuck in Vadodara, India was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly humped three cows, leaving one of them dead on the floor after he was finished with it.

Police said the cows’ owner, Lalji Rabari, brought one of his workers to the cop shop after discovering that somebody had tied three of his cows’ legs together with rope and likely had intercourse with them. The worker is known only as Rathodiya, and Rabari suspected it was him because he was busted plowing a calf two years ago.

How he managed to keep his job after that shit show is anybody’s guess, but not firing him really backfired on Rabari, as one of the three cows was not only a victim of “unnatural sex” but also murder.

Police interviewed Rathodiva at the station, and he actually admitted to taking all three cows to pound town sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. Police and locals have come to the conclusion that Rathodiva has “psychological problems,” something that easily falls under the “no shit” umbrella.

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