Monkeys Are Now Trying To Have Sex With Deer

Photo: James Warwick (Getty)

I’ve heard of guys trying to have sex with anything that moves, but this is pretty ridiculous.

Earlier this year, we gave you the groundbreaking news story of a male red-assed monkey trying to pork a deer. Well, according to Science Alert, “another research team has recorded female monkeys humping male deer, and these romps happened in an entirely different group of animals, in another part of the country.”

The monkey-on-deer action is going down in Japan, so if that’s your bag, it looks as though now is the time to book your flight. The first attempted plowing went down on Yakushima Island, but this time around, the monkey-deer fuckings are taking place in Minoh, which is some 1,075 kilometers away.

Here are some of the “mind-bottling” numbers researchers have put together after taking in these freak shows. There have been a total of “67 mounts between two female monkeys and 258 female-monkey-on-deer mounts.” They then “identified 25 ‘successful’ interactions, defined by three or more mounts within a 10-minute period.”

No word if there is a Viagra plant located within 2o miles of either site where onlookers have the privilege of watching monkeys take deer to pound town.

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