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‘Poisoned’ Man Tells Woman The Only Way To Save Him Is To Have Sex With Him

Photo: sergei78 (Getty Images)

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard “I’ve been poisoned, so please do me” used as a pickup line, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

According to The Inquisitr, a New Zealand man was arrested and pleaded guilty to sexual connection by threat after he recently told a woman that he was poisoned and would die within 48 hours unless she plowed him.

It all started when the 24-year-old asshole showed up on the woman’s doorstep “red faced and bent over holding his ribs and told her he had been beaten up and forced to drink a vial of toxin.” He told her he was going to die within 48 hours unless she helped him sweat out the toxins in a “particular way.”

Of course, that meant the only way he would survive the ordeal is if she humped him, something she was obviously very skeptical about doing. She suggested going for a run to sweat it out, but the man insisted that the only way to get it out of him was through sexual intercourse.

The woman then started receiving emails telling her that she needed to “have sex with the man thrice within the 48-hour window as well as perform sexual acts on him four times to fully purge the toxin from his body.” Fearing that he truly would die, the woman finally slept with the man multiple times to “save” him, but the emails still continued to flood her inbox even after the 48 hours had passed.

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From The Inquisitr:

The emails told the woman to continue having sexual relations with the man, as many as seven times a day or until he got tired and fell asleep. The threats stated if she didn’t comply, semi-naked photos of her would be posted on the internet. The emails also urged her to allow the man to film the sexual activity on his phone, with promises of a car and money if she did as asked.

The woman became suspicious of the emails only when she noticed the sender used a nickname that the guy she was “saving” only used on himself. At that point, she told a friend who told her to go to police.

The man will be sentenced on May 25. No word if prosecutors will seek death by poison.