Brews News: Breweries All Over America Are Collaborating on a Beer For Ukraine, But They’re Rushin’ It

Photo: YURIY DYACHYSHYN (Getty Images)

In recent years, we’ve really seen how community-oriented the American beer world is. They’ve done this by brewing the same beer for a good cause. While there are many examples, one of the most well-known is Sierra Nevada’s Resilience IPA brewed for Camp Fire relief. Brewers from coast to coast brewed their own version to help the cause. This was followed by Other Half’s All Together which was brewed to help the hospitality industry at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Another example was Weathered Souls’ Black is Beautiful which was brewed to supports Black Lives Matter. These brave, selfless brewers brought us to today and the most recent brewery collaboration: Brew For Ukraine.

Lviv-based Pravda Brewery started the project which is being embraced by breweries all over the US. While the other big collaborations were simply one beer, Pravda Brewery started a series called its “Victory Beer Series” back in early March at the beginning of the Russian invasion. One is a dry-hopped strong ale called Putin Huylo, another is a Belgian tripel called Syla, an American red ale called Red eyes, a Belgian-style witbier called Frau Ribbentrop, and a Ukrainian imperial stout called San to Don.

While we won’t know for some time how many breweries have decided to brew their own versions of these beers for charity, one of the most well-known and aptly naked breweries in the country has joined in. California’s iconic Russian River Brewing is making Putin Huylo.

While it does not seem like a big deal, it’s nice to know that the brewing community is so quick to come together to help others in need. It really makes us appreciate all of the hard work they do to craft IPAs, lagers, and every other beer style on a daily basis. Thanks!