Blue Beers Is Here to Match Your Blue Balls, And It’s Already Selling Out

Photo: Hoppy Urban Brew/Reuters

Open your fridge, crack open a bottle or can of beer, and poor it into a pint glass. What does it look like? Maybe it’s a hazy, cloudy IPA and resembles a glass of orange juice, perhaps its pitch-black stout, or a yellow, fizzy pilsner. Regardless, there’s a pretty good chance it won’t be blue. That is, unless you have a little leftover Kool-Aid in your glass from earlier.

But, France, a country known for making blue wine a few years ago, is also home to a brewery making blue beer. It’s called Hoppy Urban Brew and it’s located in Roubaix close to the Belgian border. The beer, called Line is a 3 percent ABV session IPA.

The brewery worked with Etika Spirulina, a company that grows a blue algae called Spirulina, to craft this blue-colored sessionable beer. Spirulina is being touted as a dietary supplement. The beer was created to draw attention to it and its use in a healthy diet.

Good luck getting a bottle anytime soon though. The initial production of 1,500 bottles at the end of 2021 quickly sold out. Let’s hope they make more available soon and we get a chance to try it in the US. Either that or we’ll just dump a little Kool-Aid into our favorite IPA and enjoy the blue-hued, fruity goodness while we claim it’s from France.


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