Sam Adams Launches ‘Out of this World’ Beer Brewed With Space Hops (We Doublechecked, It’s Definitely Not Jeff Bezos’ Discarded Urine)

Photo: Samuel Adams

Even though folks like William Shatner and Jeff Bezos have enjoyed flying into space, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be any time soon. But thanks to people at Samuel Adams, you can enjoy a beer brewed with hops that made their way to outer space. We think this is definitely a close second to actually weightlessly floating above this big, blue globe.

It’s called Space Craft and it was brewed using 66 pounds of hops (and definitely not Jeff Bezos’ space urine) that were launched 300 miles above the earth during the world’s first all-civilian space mission. It’s a west coast IPA and the out-of-this-world hops are Mosaic and Citra. Bursting with notes of guava, passionfruit, and a nice dank, bitter hit of hops, you don’t have to be a literal space cadet to enjoy this special beer.

It was made in collaboration with the Samuel Adams Brewery and the Inspiration4 crew that flew to space last month. Named from over 5,000 social media submissions, this beer is available in limited quantities in select markets beginning on November 16. A four-pack retail for $22.33 in a tribute to Inspiriation4’s spaceflight which lasted 2 days, 23 hours, and 3 minutes. If you just can’t wait to get this cosmic brew, you can pre-order at