Meanwhile on TikTok: The Viral Tortilla Wrap Hack Is Somehow Making Your Mexican Food Cravings Bigger (Mas Grande!)


Months ago, the internet was abuzz with one TikTok tortilla wrap hack. We’re sure you’ve seen it and perhaps you’ve ever tried it. It’s the one where you put a slice in the tortilla and slowly fold everything together like you’re putting away an ancient map you found in the grandparents’ attic. It was the kind of thing that made us all scratch our heads, wondering why we never thought of doing it in the first place. Gone are the days of having all of our tortilla ingredients spilling out while we try to eat it. We thought this was the end of TikTok tortilla hacks, but we were wrong.

A new tortilla hack hit TikTok recently. This one is more of a wrap or burrito hack. Instead of the quesadilla-style wrap hack from early 2021, this one guarantees a big, fat wrap without the potential of biting into it and losing half of your lettuce, condiments, or meats.

@thefoldingladyThank you for teaching me to fold a wrap @mealswithmax ##food ##foodies ##learnontiktok ##didyouknow ##kitchen ##fyp♬ Hungry Like the Wolf (US Remix) [2009 Remaster] – Duran Duran

The genius behind this very useful and potentially life-changing hack is @thefoldinglady on TikTok. In the video, she first puts the tortilla on a surface, adds all of her ingredients and filling, pulls both sides into the middle, and then folds everything over into itself to create a nice, tidy, package that makes your Christmas wrapping look like absolute garbage.

While this hack is likely new to you, if you pay close attention at Chipotle, it’s pretty much what they’ve been doing all along. How else do you expect to keep all that rice, cheese, meat, and other goodness inside?