Finger Covers For Your Cheetos Fingers Are Finally Here, Double As Cheesy Sex Gloves

Photo: Amazon

You might not realize it, but “Cheetle” is not the misspelling of famed actor Don Cheadle’s last name. It’s actually the official name of the orange dust that covers your fingers like a thick, salty, cheesy blanket of awesome after you shove handful after handful of Cheetos into your gaping maw. Some people hate it and lick it off constantly or immediately wash their hands upon finishing their snack. Others wear it like a medal and keep it on their fingers as long as possible, allowing it to completely cover their fingers like cheese-flavored fingerless gloves.

But cheesy finger residue is common for more than just Cheetos. The likes of Doritos, cheese balls, and even certain flavors of Pringles might leave your fingers covered in flavored dust. If you are incapable of licking it off your fingers like a human, wiping it on your pants like a Neanderthal, or washing your hands like some kind of food-hating robot, you can actually buy a product to safely keep your hands free of delicious dust.

They’re called “Chip Fingers” and they’re literally finger guards designed to keep your fingers free of pesky dust. Each package comes with three finger guards (because if you use more than three fingers to eat snacks out of a bag, you’re a monster).

If you use them properly, you’ll place one on your thumb, one on your index finger, and the last on your middle finger. Use them to pick up your favorite snacks and then throw them in the dishwasher. Just make sure they’re in a spot where they won’t fall through unless you enjoy melted finger guards destroying your dishwasher.

If you still feel like you just need these in your life, you can grab a package of three on Amazon right now.

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