The Mandatory Dining Out Guide to Surviving Supper in Public

There was a time, before all of this, when dining out was a simple pleasure. It was a treat. It was a little thing that we always looked forward to but maybe, just maybe, took for granted a little bit. We’re not taking it for granted anymore, though. We miss it more than anything. We miss it more than going out for drinks with our friends, more than going to the movies, even more than baseball. Definitely more than baseball. The simple act of gathering friends, family or loved ones and going out on the town for a meal that we didn’t have to cook ourselves (or order from a drive-thru) is one of those simple pleasures that we have, for the most part, been deprived of in the time of corona.

Well, despite most scientists’ and doctors’ recommendations, restaurants are starting to open back up. And people are returning en masse — part out of hunger and part out of the desire to return to some semblance of normalcy. We’re not there, yet. We probably will never be back to “normal.” But people can finally go back to Olive Garden and, for now, that is good enough. Still, though. If you are going to dine out, we recommend not being an asshole about it. Here is a guide to surviving supper in public (without being a dick).

Cover Photo: Avdee007 (Getty Images)

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