Mandatory Food Fights: Burger and Fries vs. Chicken and Waffles

You can’t get much more American than a burger and fries – or chicken and waffles. Both of these iconic dishes deliver a flavorful punch and fill you up at the same time. If you’re faced with the daunting decision of choosing one or the other, how do you pick? In this Mandatory Food Battle, we’re pitting a burger and fries against chicken and waffles and weighing the attributes of both to help you chow down happily.

Cover Photos: Annabelle Breakey and Jason Todd (Getty Images)

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This was a tough battle because who doesn’t love a burger and fries and chicken and waffles? If we could, we’d eat both meals in the same day! But looking over the qualities of each, it’s clear that a burger and fries deliver satisfaction more reliably and at a more affordable price than chicken and waffles. If you’re a practical person, or someone who needs to change it up frequently (without changing it up too much), a burger and fries are your best bet; save the chicken and waffles for special occasions.

Overall Winner: Burger and Fries

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