Fat America: Would You Rather Have an Overweight President or a Vertically-Challenged One?

America: choose your fighters. You know, if the fighters were actually presidential candidates Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump. President Trump is infuriated over unflattering fat photos of him in Bloomberg’s campaign ads. True to the style we’ve grown accustomed to over the course of his presidency, Trump took the moral high ground by personally attacking Bloomberg’s height. So, we have to ask, when it comes down to the kind of man you want running this great country which do you prefer? Keep reading to weigh the evidence on whether you should cast your vote for the overweight or vertically-challenged candidate!

Photo: Paul Bruinooge (Getty Images)

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When it comes to how the leader of the free world looks, would you prefer a fatter man to a shorter one? Let us know if this even matters or if you can’t be fooled because despite their shape they’re the same privileged person.

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