Woman Dies From Ecstasy-Laced Wine, Not the Unwind She Had in Mind, Rest Her Soul

Imagine you had a very rough work week and all you want to do is unwind, crack open a bottle of wine, and put your feet up. Sounds harmless enough…unless you down the whole bottle, end up more sloshed than you expected, and text your ex asking what went wrong. Nothing worse than that, right? Well, what if the bottle you opened was, unbeknownst to you, laced with MDMA (aka Ecstasy)?

That’s exactly what happened in December when a 41-year-old woman in Belgium opened a bottle of red wine after a long day of work. She planned to relax and enjoy her wine with a close friend. All it took was one sip to realize there was something funky with the wine. Thinking it had just turned, she dumped the rest of the bottle.

Fast forward a few minutes and after only one sip, the woman pulled a Joffrey and collapsed. EMTs arrived and she was revived only to end up passing away in the hospital five days later. The cause of death, strangely, was an MDMA overdose (the bottle also contained methanol).

After an investigation, it became clear that someone had tampered with the wine. Investigators assume that the cork was removed and drugs were mixed in with the wine. They surmise that drug dealers are using wine bottles to smuggle Ecstasy and liquid cocaine and the woman was unlucky enough to acquire one of these bottles. Where she got it, who knows? Did it somehow make its way into a liquor store?

Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty Images)

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