Budweiser Releases Area 51 Beer, Joins These Beers Great for Storming

If you must storm Area 51, a secure government facility that may or may not have once housed aliens, you’ll definitely want to have a way quench your desert-fueled thirst. Bud Light gets it. That’s why the brand tweeted that it would give free beer to any alien that escapes from the top-secret facility. (If that’s not enough reason to finally reveal your potentially lizard-like, humanoid appearance to the world, we don’t know what is.) The “king of beers” brand also promised Area 51-inspired beer cans if the tweet received more than 51,000 retweets (and it did). But it’s not the only beer we’d choose to toast The X-Files-esque extravaganza in September. If you’re among the millions (really?) of citizens planning to attend, make sure you bring a cooler stocked with these out-of-this-world beers.

Photo: Bud Light 

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