First Date

How to Dress For a First Date So It’s Not Your Last

Photo: ZoneCreative (Getty Images)

Everyone knows a first date very rarely has the kinds of sparks that immediately lead to the kind of true love movies promise. If you’re lucky, a first date leads to a second, and then it’s up to you not to ruin things before sex happens. Still, how you present yourself is literally your sales pitch to a woman. If you seem to put no effort into how you look, it’s a signal to your date how much effort you’ll put into a relationship. Instead of ruining things before they begin, follow this checklist to look like the kind of guy who deserves a second date.

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What’s been your go-to look for a successful first date? When it comes to your personal style, is there anything you’d be willing to change or evolve? Let us know in the comments!

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