Cute Movies From 21st Century That Guys Can Enjoy

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Cute stuff is mostly reserved for girls, and guys can almost only say “aww” around a puppy when they are in their safe space. The same applies for cute movies. There’s only a handful of movies for which is totally socially acceptable for guys to love. But nobody could give you a hard time for enjoying these five cute films.

While most see cute movies as just romance movies, they might or might not be love-related. It’s the overall tone of the movie, and how it makes a person feel that make it cute or not.

Cute Movies Guys Can Enjoy

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Every movie Wes Anderson has an aura of cuteness but his two latest the most. And The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) is superior to the enjoyable Moonrise Kingdom (2012). The Grand Budapest Hotel is a beautiful conundrum of a movie, shot in Anderson’s specific, visually satisfying style, yet the colorful characters are the main strength of it. The most well-known of these cute movies, which proves that this complex film can be enjoyed by everyone.

Flipped (2010)

While people generally regard cute movies as being romantic, most guys can only roll their eyes at that seeing how they are too far-fetched and never mimic life. But a love movie with kids is something that everyone can relate too, and since the proven director Rob Reiner decided to place the story in the 1960s, it gave the movie an additional layer of charm. Flipped is a familiar story, but not slow or boring, as you’ll enjoy the story-lines roads two eight-graders go through as if they were your own memories.

Stardust (2007)

Director Mathew Vaughn’s second-ever motion picture after a crime drama is an original fairy tale that will make a grown, hairy man will like a child reading a story while having cookies and milk. An innocent story, but definitely not a simple one, and as most of these cute movies, it packs an important message. The movie is perfectly cast, and it has Robert DeNiro in one of the last roles where he was actually trying, despite playing a sky pirate.

Big Fish (2003)

A fairytale in cinemetographic form. Big Fish tells the story of a dying man’s life while intertwining facts and fiction in a enigmatic fashion. It definitely differs from the majority of Tim Burton’s films in both cinematographic style, and in its substance. A magical story with inspiring messages that doesn’t feel imposed, or even unrealistic despite being told through a wild, fantasy tale. It’s one of the cute movies no one can call you out for liking.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Anything that has Micheal Cera in it falls into this very narrow category of cute movies guys can enjoy, and enjoy it without concealing it. It’s the characters that he plays, always similar in certain aspects, although Scott Pilgrim is a quite unique “hero”, as is the movie itself. Great music throughout, a worthy, manly plot of a guy conquering his fears and trying to get the girl, but a very wacky, comedic, endearing style and form.

What other cute movies do you think guys will like without the need to hide it from the world?

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