The Best Beer Ad Campaigns of 2018

Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive/Photolove (Getty Images)

Aside from the auto industry, brewers may spend more money on advertising than any other form of commerce. In fact, beer companies spent nearly $400 million on advertising in 2016. People like to buy beer, especially in this new booming age of micro-brews. So who was able to get our attention the most in 2018?

From the beer giant Anheuser Busch to a lesser-known Haitian lager (thanks Conan), we picked the best beer commercials of the year. These are the ad campaigns that will likely be remembered for years to come.

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Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly”

Love it or hate it, Bud Light spawned a catchphrase that rivals “Whazzzaaaaaaap.” You know a campaign is successful when an entire series of commercials run for more than a year. What does “dilly dilly” mean? Other than a ridiculous short-term for delicious, we’re assuming it could be what Nana yells everytime she sees Tom Brady.

Budweiser Lends a Hand

On the more sentimental side, Anheuser Busch couldn’t have nailed it more than with their Budweiser Super Bowl ad. Without appearing presumptuous, the company was able to display compassion, showing how it helped lend a hand during a national emergency, rather than simply showing dogs or Clydesdales.

Dos Equis Featuring Les Miles

Grabbing the recently fired LSU coach for a series of self-deprecating commercials was brilliant. And yes, Les was known for chewing on a grass blade or two. Who knew it had anything to do with beer?

Speights’ “The Dance”

The payoff is great if you have the patience for this lengthy spot. Why on Earth would a grumpy, fellow employee be dancing with his co-worker? The answer is so great, so human, that nearly everyone can relate in the most heart-warming way.

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Conan Becomes The Face Of Prestige Beer

We had never heard of the Haitian beer company until Conan helped make them go viral this year. This improv spot is so simple yet amazing at the same time. Just Conan being Conan. And it’s hilarious.

Camden Town Brewery’s Raise Hell Characters

Technically this campaign started in the U.K. in 2017, but it carried into this year. Below is just one reason why: genius characters demonstrating why they’re ready to “Raise Hell.”

Mother’s Brewing “Every Craft Beer Commercial Ever”

This Springfield, MO brewer made a genius commercial, making fun of nearly every micro-brewery cliché in the book.

Tecate’s “Beer Wall”

Taking a controversial topic and making it fun and good-natured at the same time? That’s hard to pull off, but Tecate did it with the “Beer Wall.”

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