Meanwhile in Ohio: Bodybuilding Competition Adds Slap Fighting to the Menu, And It’s a Handful of Fun

Finally, a sport you can do from the comfort of your own home. With no equipment needed (except the cheek of a loved one), slap fighting is the latest sport to perfectly capture our pent-up rage while lowering the bar on our personal goals. And thanks to a celebrity boost from Logan Paul, slap fighting is now the hottest addition to the storied Arnold Sports Festival held every year in Columbus, Ohio.

While winners of the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition can earn up to $200,000 in prize money, slap fighting champions are rumored to take home just enough cash earnings to pay for an expensive Uber ride (during surge pricing). Nevertheless, contestants came from far and wide to slap and be slapped in front of an auditorium full of semi-drunk strangers.

Onlookers at the world-class event included founder and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenneger (looking more and more like Mr. Freeze from Batman) who watched from the stage with an eerily satisfied smile as men and women palm struck their way to glory.

After all, when it comes to slap fighting, we’re all winners.

Check out the highlights from this year’s slap fighting championship below to get a taste of the sport that really slaps. All we need now is a Bloodsport-style movie starring Arnold as the aging slap fighting champ rearing for a comeback.

Cover Photo: Solskin (Getty Images)


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