Face-Slap Wars Are the Ultimate Pandemic Fight Binge

Have you ever worried about having too few brain cells? Has it made it hard to keep a job, communicate with other bipeds or led you to listen to The Joe Rogan Experience? If so, then face-slap wars could be the sport for you. Of course, this international phenomenon rose to fame in Russia, the Florida of Eurasia. In this nation ruled by human lawn gnome Vladimir Putin, face-slap wars are now actually a national sport. In fact, no joke here, there is even a Russian Slapping Championship.

The event unites wannabe tough guys and obese men with beards from around the world. Like any sport, there are superstars. Perhaps the biggest name in the open-hand face-striking world is Vasiliy Khamotiskiy. Also known as “The Dumpling,” there are more than a few politicians we’d love to see him slap silly. We look back on the best moments from the short but painful history of face-slap wars, so you know exactly what to binge next.

Cover Photo: Andrei Samsonov / Contributor (Getty Images)

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