Jordan Klepper Harassing Matt Gaetz With Underage Jokes Is Our Favorite Scene of 2022 So Far

For most of us, seeing Jordan Klepper beeline toward us on a crowded street would be a dream come true. Whether he was just coming up to ask for directions or preparing to roast us like a stuffed turkey, we’d be all in. But some folks, like accused pedo Matt Gaetz, aren’t too thrilled about getting Kleppered in public.

Maybe it was just bad timing. After all, Gaetz, whose fellow groundhogs aren’t due to emerge for another few weeks was caught out above ground celebrating the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection when Klepper spotted him. And as most whistle-pigs are skittish around tall men, it’s no surprise Klepper’s long shadow sent the congressman scurrying for cover.

Goosestepping over some snow (and the discarded remnants of bad decisions) Gaetz burrowed behind a cadre of blockers and hopped into the backseat of his idling SUV, no doubt heading for the nearest Chuck-E-Cheese to blow off some steam. Despite the coordinated efforts of Gaetz’s team, Klepper still managed to rapid-fire off a succession of inquiries, landing a few zingers along the way.


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Obviously, Gaetz is no stranger to comedic assaults. But as he faces down a high-profile court case involving the trafficking of a minor, he’s clearly upped his cardio game when the jesters come out to play. Only time will tell if he can outrun his past.

Check out Klepper’s full segment below:

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