Meanwhile in Russia: Headless Body Falls Out of Cannibal’s Car After Crash (Should’ve Buckled Up, Dude)

We don’t expect a lot out of criminals (if they had brains, they’d be using them for something other than a life of crime, after all) but some baddies are so stupid it’s laughable. Take a cannibal from Russia, for example, who was anything but slick in concealing his misdeeds.

His name is Yegor Komarov and he’s 23 years old. As news reports state, Komarov and two of his pals allegedly got drunk, then murdered a man in a garage in St. Petersburg. They set the garage on fire and fled the scene – but apparently took the body with them in their getaway Mitsubishi. While on their joy ride, Komarov decided to have a little snack – in the form of the victim.

But then they crashed the car on a highway in the Leningrad region, and the headless body fell out of the trunk. Suffice to say, the guys made it pretty easy for the cops to apprehend and charge them.

In court, Komarov admitted to engaging in cannibalism.

“I nibbled to just take a taste,” he said.

“Are you ready to eat a human again?” an interrogator asked.

“Do you have some?” Komarov snarkily replied.

Apparently, this isn’t his first taste of human flesh. He also admitted to murdering and eating a man last September and had been hunting for more victims in a local park.

Let’s hope this sicko gets locked up for the rest of his life – and doesn’t get a roommate to snack on in jail.

Cover Photo: Twitter



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