Mandatory Drunk of the Week: Hammered Girl Refusing to Believe She’s at the Wrong House Is Perfect Homemade Entertainment

Photo: tiktok.com/@ciaraedgar0

We’ve all been there. You have a few too many wobbly pops at your local pub, bar, or watering hole and you end up drunk and doing something silly or embarrassing you might not have otherwise done. You text your ex, order way more food than you could possibly eat, challenge your neighbor to a wrestling match in the street, compliment a police officer on the anatomy of his horse, or show up at the wrong house thinking it’s your friend’s place. Lucky for us, these drunken, cringeworthy moments aren’t usually caught on camera. This wasn’t the case for a pair of Scottish girls recently.

It all went down in Glasgow when Ciara Edgar and her friend walked up and rang the doorbell at a house they thought another friend lived at. It should be noted that not only did the duo have the wrong house, but they had obviously spent the afternoon drinking heavily.

They rang the doorbell and announced that they were “Ciara and Amy” and they were met with “Who are you?” Instead of then assuming they messed up, she repeated their names again as if that would clear everything up.

@ciaraedgar0We went to the wrong door #fyp #maxplumpjump #FreshWearSpin #tiktok#foryoupage#fyp#foryou#viral♬ original sound – Ciaraaa

It was all caught on the Ring doorbell of the owner, who, while obviously confused by the situation, seemed to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing and apparently even gave the girls the footage to put on TikTok for all to see.

Edgar titled the video “Tell me you’re never drinking again without telling me you’re never drinking again” as a way of showing the silly, embarrassing things that can happen if you have a little too much drunken afternoon fun. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times and our only question is: did they ever find the house they were looking for?


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