Sin No More: Pope Francis Says Sex and Eating Are ‘Divine’ Pleasures From God

If you thought God was a hard ass who doesn’t want you to have any fun, think again. In a new book, Pope Francis claims that your favorite vices are not only OK, they’re sent from the Big Man Upstairs himself!

“Pleasure arrives directly from God. It is neither Catholic nor Christian nor anything else; it is simply divine,” the Pope told Italian writer Carlo Petrini, the so-called founder of the slow-food movement. “The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God.”

If eating and having sex weren’t pleasurable, Pontifex Maximus continued, people wouldn’t seek out sustenance or perpetuate the species. He criticized the church for its “overzealous morality,” which he considers a “wrong interpretation of the Christian message.”

While the book’s title, TerraFutura: Conversations With Pope Francis on Integral Ecology, isn’t very provocative, it does speak to a few of the Pope’s pet causes: climate change, deforestation and consumerism.

“Our constant demand for growth and an endless cycle of production and consumption are exhausting the natural world,” Francis said recently. “Forests are leached, topsoil erodes, fields fail, deserts advance, seas acidify and storms intensify. Creation is groaning!”

In other words, people of faith have bigger problems than their appetites, sexual or culinary. So stop slut-shaming yourself, eat dessert first, and be shameless – but for god’s sakes, recycle!

Cover Photo: Burke/Triolo Productions (Getty Images)

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