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Grandma Uses Obituary to Burn Tom Brady and Praise LeBron James

If there’s one place you can get the last word, it’s in an obituary. Take, for example, Carole Scarsella of Buffalo, New York. After she died last month, her family used her obit as an opportunity to remember the things she loved – and one sports star she really hated.

“She loved to smoke. She smoked millions of cigarettes … She loved slot machines and Facebook games. She never won millions, but she had the biggest farm in all of Farmville and made it to the millionth level on Candy Crush,” her obituary reads.

Then things get real. “She was an avid sports fan. She loved the New York Yankees and Lebron James. She hated Tom Brady.”

The obituary went viral. Apparently Scarsella’s hatred of the Patriot-turned-Buccaneer quarterback is shared by many.

Scarsella’s granddaughter later addressed her late grandma’s newfound notoriety with some tweets of her own.

“I can’t imagine what she would say about all the attention she’s getting … but I’m sure she would love the message being passed on!” she wrote. “While you’re remembering her hatred of Tom Brady also remember that she was probably the best woman ever and did a lot for her kids and grandkids!”

Carole Scarsella: 1. Tom Brady: 0. And that, kids, is how you play the game.

Cover Photos: Maddie Meyer / Staff and Stacy Revere / Stringer (Getty Images)

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