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Good Man Returns $3500 After Accidentally Receiving Venmo From Stranger, Kept $20 For Beer Plus Asshole Mistake Tax

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Apps like Venmo have made sending cash to friends, family, and your bookie really easy. Instead of finding some very elusive paper money or writing a check like it’s 1985, you can simply send money electronically using your smartphone. But, the house of money-sending cards topples over when you send a large sum of money to the wrong person.

This is exactly what happened to poor Isaac Nowak back on July 11. He was in the process of purchasing a camper (a big-ticket item for sure) for his family. He sent $3,500 to the account of Trevor Harwood, the man he was buying the camper from. What should have been a simple transaction become a lot more complicated because Nowak sent the money to the wrong Trevor Harwood. It was supposed to go to the Harwood selling a camper in Utah: instead, it went to a Harwood in Michigan who was fairly surprised to find a large sum of money sent to him out of the blue.

Nowak told WZZN that when he realized his massive mistake, he instantly became nauseous and didn’t know what to do to remedy the situation. He reached out to the Michigan Harwood through the commenting feature on the app. He quickly received a response from Harwood who agreed to send the money back. Well, most of the money.

He responded that while he’d send him back the money, he was very thirsty, and he’d keep enough to buy a case of beer. Nowak agreed that the good deed deserved the frothy reward. Harwood sent the money back, except for the $20 he kept to buy a case of Budweiser.

All in all, it worked out well for everyone. The wrong Harwood was a good guy and gave back most of the money and got some free beer for his troubles.

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