NYFD Saves People on Runaway Inflatable Swan Float, Finally Starting to Sound Like a Real Summer

Photo: George Rose (Getty Images) 

COVID has taken much of our favorite summer activities hostage. And, if it hasn’t completely shut them down, it’s made us enjoy days at the lake, trips to a brewery, and hikes in the woods all while wearing a mask and social distancing. It’s hard to go a full day without seeing something that reminds us that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. So, it’s always nice to see news that makes us feel like life is back to normal if only for a moment. News like the New York Fire Department being called in to save swimmers lounging on a runaway float shaped like a giant swan.

In past summers, this would just be a chuckle-worthy story that we quickly scroll past in our news feed. But, this year, it’s exactly the kind of story we need to feel normal.

It all started when two people came up with the very intelligent idea of laying out on a giant inflatable swan in the East River in New York City. What could go wrong, right? Well, apparently the duo didn’t take into account the fast-moving current and were quickly swept away into the river, eventually finding themselves in the midst of marine traffic.

We can only imagine the panic the pair must have felt. They simply wanted to lay on a giant, blow up waterfowl on a hot, sunny day and ended up worried about getting run over by giant, commercial ships.

The New York City Fire Department received multiple calls telling them about the wayward rafters in the river near East 55th Street in Manhattan. They sent a boat out the retrieve the panicked pair while also retrieving their massive swan. Luckily neither required medical attention. But, let’s hope the next time they venture out on a giant floatie, they bring a paddle.

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