Jilted Ex-Husband Burns $1M Instead of Giving it to Ex-Wife, Chance of Reconciliation Goes Up in Flames

There is spite, and then there’s this guy, who takes that word to a whole ‘nother level. Fifty-five-year-old Bruce McConville recently appeared before a judge in the Ottawa Superior Court and explained that, instead of giving $1M to his wife for spousal maintenance and child support, he actually burned the money in two separate bonfires. McConville, who ran for mayor of Ottawa in 2018, claimed that he would rather burn the money than give it to his ex-wife…so that’s exactly what he did. 

Before we raise our fists in honor of this man, we need to remember that the money he burned was money that was supposed to go to his child, too. So he is not a hero and we should not treat him as such. The Ottawa judge certainly didn’t and he took McConville to task in no uncertain terms. “I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you and I don’t think you’re honest,” the judge told him. “I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible because what you claim to have done willfully and directly undermines the interests of your children.” Still, though. Part of us respects the guy for being so blatant with his spite. Some people want to offer the world to their spouse, but others just want to watch the world burn.

Cover Photo: Steve Bronstein (Getty Images)

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