Michigan Woman Fired For Giving Coworkers Laxative Brownies

Just one….or maybe no. Photo: Alikaj2582 (Getty)

Luckily for her coworkers (especially the janitor), nobody ate them.

According to Click On Detroit, a woman at an engineering company in Michigan was shown the door earlier this month after she allegedly baked laxatives into a batch of brownies she brought to a party for a coworker who was moving on to bigger and better things.

Saline Chief of Police Jerrod Hart said another employee “tipped off management” about the tainted brownies, so they gave his officers a call. Once they determined the brownies really were laced with an “evacuant,” management had just cause to fire her, something that is damn near impossible to do in the workplace these days.

woman fired laxative brownies

The woman, who can now be classified as “a really horrible human being,” initially denied baking laxatives into her brownies, but once police informed her that they were going to test the dessert tray, she changed her tune. After interviewing her coworkers, police determined “there may have been tension between the woman and the departing employee.”

Duh, you think?

The woman will not be charged for being an absolute jerk, but it would have been a different story if anybody would have actually eaten one of her brownies. It might have been even worse if somebody would have washed it down with a glass of tap water from Flint.