Watching Jennifer Garner Hilariously Wash Her Shit-Ridden Cat Reminds Us Why We Don’t Own One

Pets are great for a lot of things: companionship, cuddles, and entertainment, to name a few. But one part of pet ownership that really sucks is all the dirty work: cleaning up all the poop, pee, and barf that inevitably come with caring for a furbaby.

Actress Jennifer Garner is a cat lover – but who knows for how long given her latest Instagram post. Her feline friend, Moose, recently had a very unfortunate accident. “Even big boys have accidents sometimes. It’s okay, Moose—you’re still the most handsome,” she captioned the video.


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In the clip, Garner explained: “Something’s gone awry.” She covered the cat’s ears (to save his pride, clearly) before confessing, “Moose pooped his pants. We can’t live like this. He’s befouled!” (He’s also obese, as Garner noted after removing the cat’s collar. “Please don’t make fun,” she pleaded.)

Garner then proceeded to bathe the cat – an ill-advised endeavor if there ever was one. She tried to make it better by cooing to Moose: “Oooh, is that nice? Oh, what a good cat!” But in our experience, there does not exist a cat that likes baths. And true to form, Moose fought like hell to escape the scrub-a-dub-dub. He even got a few scratches in. “I deserve it,” Garner said. “I don’t blame him.”

Garner won out, however, although she admitted that the wash-down didn’t help the smell. “It smells even more,” she said.

The long and the short (hair) of it, however, is that Moose got clean. We hope he doesn’t have any more accidents, though we appreciate Garner keeping it real about how much work (and mess) owning a cat is. It reminds us why we don’t have one!

Cover Photo: Instagram