Meanwhile in Baseball: Female Red Sox Fan Spits on Man For Confronting Her About Sitting in the Wrong Seat, As You Do (Video)

Talk about poor sportsmanship. During a recent baseball game, a Red Sox fan spat on a man for confronting her about sitting in the wrong seat.

A viral video of the incident shows the Bostonian standing with crossed arms and telling the man behind her, “We’ve literally been sitting here all night.” But another woman seated in the same aisle says, “No you haven’t. We’ve been sitting here all night.”

A voice is heard calling the woman’s name, so the man points toward the group and says, “All your friends are over there.”

That’s when the woman hocks a loogie at the dude before walking away.

While we understand the urge to improve on your seating assignment at sports games, there are ways to be more discreet – and less disgusting – than this woman was.

Keep it classy, Boston.

Cover Photo: Twitter