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Twitter Women Mercilessly Mock Rihanna’s New Butt Crack Leggings, Not a Lot of Men Though (Hmmm)

Rihanna knows how to get people talking, but usually, the conversation is music-related. Now, she’s the talk of the town because of a fashion faux pas that has women wondering WTF the provocative singer was thinking.

That’s because the latest addition to her Savage X Fenty collection are Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Leggings with a “strappy lace trim back” – over the ass, revealing a substantial peak at the wearer’s butt crack.

While they look comfortable, women were unclear where they were supposed to wear the leggings. At first glance, shoppers thought they were meant for the gym.

Others pointed out that Savage X Fenty is a lingerie brand so perhaps the intention is to wear them around the house, not in a public gym where you’re going to flash everyone within 6 feet.

Some people (i.e. men) didn’t see what the issue was either way.

After all, butt cracks are basically the posterior version of cleavage. And who isn’t down to see a little more of that?

Cover Photo: Savage X Fenty



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