‘Your Korean Dad’ TikToker Nick Cho Is San Francisco’s New Mister Rogers (Good Luck With That, Nick)

There’s only one Mister Rogers. The friendly, cardigan-wearing TV host many of us grew up watching play make-believe on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood cannot be replicated. But there is a new TikToker who’s garnering comparisons to the legendary TV dad, albeit for entirely different reasons.

His name is Nick Cho, co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. His 2 million TikTok followers, however, know him as ‘Your Korean Dad.’ His account isn’t flashy. It’s just him, and sometimes his two teen daughters, doing everyday things.

Like this video, in which he splurges on $30 grapes. (Who hasn’t wanted to do that?)

@yourkoreandad#yourkoreandad found some FANCY grapes!♬ original sound – Nick Cho

Or this one, where he takes fans to his favorite Taco Bell.

@yourkoreandad#pov #yourkoreandad brings you to his favorite @tacobell ! What’s your favorite thing to get at Taco Bell #mukbang #notsponsored♬ original sound – Nick Cho

Your Korean Dad isn’t all about food. He also likes to take fans for a little physical activity. Like longboarding.

@yourkoreandad#pov #yourkoreandad takes you for some #longboard riding! #skateboarding #skateboard #sanfrancisco #bayarea♬ original sound – Nick Cho

Or roller skating.

@yourkoreandad#YourKoreanDad takes you #rollerskating! #rollerskate #pov #moxirollerskates♬ original sound – Nick Cho

And he doesn’t shy away from talking about feelings, either. Whether you’re lonely…

@yourkoreandadDo you ever feel lonely? #pov #YourKoreanDad #lonely #loneliness♬ original sound – Nick Cho

…or heartbroken, Your Korean Dad knows just what to say to make you feel better.

@yourkoreandad#YourKoreanDad talks about #heartbreak, from a #breakup or otherwise. I’m really sorry for how much you’re hurting.♬ original sound – Nick Cho

What drives Cho to invite strangers into his private life? “I stumbled upon a lot of people for whom just having a nurturing, caring father figure on a screen was so emotional and impactful,” Cho told Eater. “I’m here to live my life, and show little glimpses of a Korean-American household, and my desire is to help normalize these things.”

No one could replace Mister Rogers, and Nick Cho isn’t trying to. But if you need some kind, paternal vibes in your life right now (and who doesn’t?), Your Korean Dad is here for you.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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