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TikToker Builds an Eel Pit Under His Garage and the Internet Goes Wild

You never know what will go viral these days. Often, it’s the unexpected. Like Nick Tobler, a dude who built an eel pit under his garage and shared the process on TikTok. The 25-year-old aquarium store manager and now infamous TikToker who goes by the handle @cowturtle has been working on the fishy fantasyland for months.

@cowturtle My new house comes with a future eel pond! #aquariums #fishtanks #fish #fishtok ♬ original sound – cowturtle

People weren’t really paying attention, though, until a Money news editor named Julia Glum nerded out about the project in a now-viral tweet.

“I’ve been watching this guy on TikTok gradually build an eel pit (exactly what it sounds like) under his house for months now, and tomorrow he is FINALLY going to add the eels. gonna be a huge day for me,” she wrote.

Suddenly, everyone was on EelTok.

“The internet definitely can’t get enough of the eels,” Tobler told BuzzFeed News.

Last week, the 12 much-anticipated American eels arrived, and fans were psyched to see the video. At the time of this writing, over 795,000 people had watched the eels arrive in their new home.

“Best day ever,” one commenter wrote.

“BABE WAKE UP THE EELS ARE HERE,” another eel enthusiast gushed.

“I called my mom just to tell her the good news,” another said.

@cowturtle EEL PIT EEL PIT EEL PIT EEL PIT EEL PIT #eelpit #eelpond #aquariums #reeftank #fishtok #aquarium #fishtanks #rivermonsters #monsterfishkeepers #monsterfishkeeper ♬ original sound – cowturtle

Tobler let TikTok name the creatures. His favorite monikers? Bathtub and Crunchwrap Supreme. They are joined by a white crayfish named Mayonnaise.

Eels can live to over 80 years old in captivity, meaning they’ll still be producing content long after the rest of us leave this earthly coil.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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