Bill Murray

Bill Murray Gives Us Life Advice When We Need It Most

Bill Murray is an American hero. The Academy Award-nominated actor has brought sunshine to the lives of many through his unique take on comedy, be it in movies like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, by surprising fans on the street with silly stunts, or with his snappy and insightful interviews on late-night talk shows.

This week, Murray appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new film with Sofia Coppola titled On the Rocks, in which he plays a womanizing dad trying to help his adult daughter figure out if her husband is cheating.

Dressed in a bright orange suit coat, white vest, blue button-down, plaid tie, and beige hat, the dapper-looking actor spoke to Kimmel through an old-school rotary telephone. Given that Murray recently turned 70, Kimmel wanted to know if he had any life advice for young people.

Murray responded with the Pinterest-ready quote, “Youth is a gift; old age is a work of art,” then shared one crucial life lesson: “If you’re going to live a long time, you better know that people are going to be watching you, and taking notes,” he said. “If you have children, your children are watching you. And they will haunt you with that stuff later. Your friends will remember stories you no longer remember, which is a problem, too.”

People are watching you! And they will remember how you behaved! Is that life advice – or a threat? Beware, Mandatory readers, your every move can and will be scrutinized by others!

Murray, who seems to have a heart of gold, meant well, we’re sure. In fact, he likely meant it in a Golden Rule kind of way. It’s definitely an evergreen reminder of how to comport yourself for zero regrets later. If only our lives were as interesting as Murray’s has been – and as worthy of watching, on the big screen, small screen, or IRL.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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