Post Malone Is Starting a World Beer Pong League, Finally College Will Start to Pay Off

Photo: Paul Morigi / Stringer (Getty Images)

College is a bit of a racket. You work crazy hard in high school to get accepted into the college of your choice only to spend four, six, or almost a decade studying one subject only to end up in an astronomical amount of debt with no job to show for it. Well, thanks to Post Malone one of your college skills might actually prove to be useful.

And no, we aren’t referencing that elective you took on Old English literature. We’re talking about the extra-curricular activity you spent way more time participating in than you did studying: beer pong.

According to TMZ, the musical artist and his team recently filed a trademark for “World Pong League.” While an outsider might assume he has aspirations to start a league based on the beloved Atari game “Pong,” he actually has a history with the beer-based party game. He hosted a celebrity beer pong tournament and even got a Kansas City Chiefs tattoo after losing a game of beer pong to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The leaked paperwork says that the name will be used for branding of tournaments, events, and competitions. So, it’s safe to say Post Malone and his team are getting ready to launch a beer pong world league. What it will look like remains to be seen.

We honestly couldn’t think of a better time in history. Who doesn’t want to drink a beer after someone fishes a ping pong ball out of it? We couldn’t think of safer way to wind down the COVID days.

All jokes aside, all we know is that Malone and his team are making plans for a league. We have no idea when and if it will ever come to fruition. But, we’re still pretty excited to watch it when it does.

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