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GOOD MORNING AMERICA - 5.22.20 - Katy Perry kicks off the "GMA" Summer Concert Series with a performance of her new single, "Daisies,"Friday, May 22, 2020 on ABC. FRAMEGRAB. (Photo by ABC News/Frame Grab via Getty Images) KATY PERRY

Katy Perry’s Delayed Album or New Baby – Which Will Drop First?

It’s a race against time! Katy Perry is expecting her first baby – a girl – with Orlando Bloom next month. Her fifth studio album, Smile, is also due in August, though the date has been pushed back two weeks, from Aug. 14 to Aug. 28.

The pop star made the announcement on (where else?) Instagram.

“Welp. I hate to throw this bad news at you like a pie in the face … but if there’s anything 2020 taught me, it’s to not get too attached to plans and be malleable,” she wrote beneath a slideshow of herself getting pied in the face.

Die-hard Katy Perry fans are sure to be disappointed, but she’s making it up to them with “Smile Sundays.” Every Sunday in August – until the baby or the album drops – she’ll go live for at least 30 minutes to talk about the album, share snippets of songs, and show off new merch.

Don’t be fooled by the album’s title, though; it wasn’t born during happy-go-lucky times. “I wrote the title track from the album when I was coming through one of the darkest periods of my life and had lost my smile,” she has said. “This whole album is my journey towards the light — with stories of resilience, hope, and love.”

With a new record and a new baby on the way, all eyes will be on Katy Perry this August – and she’ll have a lot to Smile about.

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