Mandatory Moments: Weekly Highlights for 4-12-2019

Photo: Tony Garcia (Getty Images)

It’s Friday — and that means it’s time to stop working, loosen your belt, undo the top two buttons of your shirt (if you’re still wearing one), kick off your shoes, and head to the nearest happy hour to get sloshed with the other shirtless drunkards until the police come in on horseback and ruin the fun. It also means it’s time for another round of weekly highlights.

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Join us as we explore the stoniest tweets, J. Lo’s greatest love, movies that will save your soul, and candy for the vampire in us all. We also prepare for the end of the Avengers and, more importantly, avocado toast. Don’t miss a single Mandatory moment in this week’s deliriously delicious ‘best of’ soufflè.

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