Candy Bar Blood

Candy Bars Made Of Blood And More Of The World’s Most Bizarre Candy

Photo: AaronAmat (Getty Images)

Candy lovers, take note. Any word that begins with “hema” refers to blood. Therefore, if you find a popular snack named “Hematogen” is calling your name, and you’re not a vampire, may be wise to stay away.

According to Fox News, Hematogen was a “chocolatey, chewy snack with an oddly metallic aftertaste” that was the “go-to snack for Russian kids” before the fall of the Soviet Union. It was also made with blood.

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Yup. This Soviet snack, that supposedly has the texture of a Tootsie Roll, is made with beet sugar, condensed milk, sugar, syrup, and cow’s blood. It’s perfect for that anemic friend in your life with a sweet tooth!

Sure, blood candy is bizarre, but it may not be the strangest candy in existence. Here are some more candies that might creep you out.

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