Meme Vs. Meme: Candy Corn

Emoji of corn candy. Photo: Mayamy1 (Getty).

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are also plenty of folks who don’t really know what that means, so they complain about little things on the internet using everyone’s favorite platform — memes! Since no one can stand hearing an argument go unopposed, most of the time memes that are against something or cast a certain behavior in a negative light have their fair share of detractors (also in meme form, of course).

We wish today’s matchup was as one-sided as the battle between pouring your cereal or milk first. But you can’t always get what you want. Case in point: candy corn. To some, it’s the bane of their Halloween existence. Others — for reason’s beyond my personal understanding — love it. But who wants it more? Will the haters win the day, or is the mass appeal just too powerful to take down?

Meme VS. Meme: Candy Corn

Who would have thought that there wasn’t much of a strong argument on either side. Either it sucks, or it’s great. Clearly no one creating candy corn memes was captain of the debate team. What a shame. But at the very least, it appears candy corn naysayers have the numbers. Not to end on a lame joke, but we were hoping one side would at least bite the other’s ear off. But as the great Seymour Skinner once said…

Better luck next time, meme fans.

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